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Ammunition & Charges

Eve Ammunition and Charges

In Eve Online the Eve Ships are using turrets and missile to defend or agress others. This modules are using Ammunition and, depending on the Eve Equipment type, the ammo comes in different types and sizes.

The charges get loaded into turrets, missiles get loaded into launchers and crystals are put into energy weapons.

Charges come in different sizes: X-Large, Large, Medium, Small and also in different damage types: EM, Thermal, Kinetic, Explosive.
Due to balance issues, sizes are not so much how large but which Eve Turret or Eve Launcher charges were intended for. You cannot load Large ammunition into medium guns for example.

Crystals are different then charges because they are not fired. They modulate the frequency of the energy weapons they are loaded into. Different crystals produce different modulations thus different type of damages.
Eve Mining Crystals modulate the beam of strip mininers according to the different asteroid types the crystals are fitted for.

Cap boosters are consumable modules that temporarely boost the capacitor output of an Eve Ship.

Eve Probes are comparable to charges as they are also loaded and fired. However they do no damage but have different effect in the game. You can use probes to map systems, scan asteroids for their content or scan moons for their precious ore.

Turrets can be overloaded but this results in taking damage. To repair a damaged Eve Module you can use Nanite Paste.

Eve Bombs are similar to probes (they are loaded and fired) but they do damage so you need to pull away to avoid damage. The bombs are expensive but they do massive damage. With only a few you can do a killing blow to an enemy battleship.