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Arazu Ship & Fitting

Price : $5.99

Arazu pvp fitting. The package contains Tech 1 / Tech 2 / Best Named Tech 1 variants of the listed modules:

- 3x Dual 150mm Railgun and 3x 250mm Railgun
- 1x Covert Ops Cloak
- 1x Sensor booster with Scan Resolution script
- 1x 10mn MWD
- 1x Warp Disruptor
- 1x Stasis Webifier
- 2x Remote Sensor Dampner with 2x targeting range dampening and 2x scan resolution dampening
- 1x Medium Armor Repairer
- 2x Magnetic Field Stabilizer
- 2x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
- 2x Capacitor Power Relay