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Tengu Ship & Fitting: PvE (Belt / Mission Runner)

Tengu PvE Fitting

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Price: $19.95
Tech 1 
Tech 2 (+$1.49)
Best Named T1 (Meta Level 4) (+$0.99)


Caldari Strategic Cruiser, Tengu Fitting, PvE Belt / Mission Runner:

 - Defensive: Adaptive Shielding
 - Electronics: Emergent Locus Analyzer
 - Engineering: Augmented Capacitor Reservoir
 - Offensive: Accelerated Ejection Bay
 - Propulsion: Fuel Catalyst

Built Strategic Cruiser Attributes:
5% bonus to all shield resistances per level
10% bonus to shield transporter effectiveness per level
10% increase to scan strength of probes per level.
20% bonus to range and velocity of tractor beams per level.
-99% reduced CPU need for Scan Probe Launchers.
5% bonus to capacitor capacity per level.
5% bonus to kinetic missile damage per level
7.5% bonus to Heavy, Heavy Assault and Assault missile launcher rate of fire per level
10% bonus to heavy missile and heavy assault missile velocity per level
10% bonus to afterburner speed per level.

Slots distribution:
 - 3 low slots
 - 6 med slots
 - 7 high slots

Damage Output:
 - 6x Missile Launcher Hardpoints

 - 1x Damage Control
 - 2x Ballistic Control Unit
 - 1x Co-Processor
 - 2x Power Diagnostic
 - 2x Large Shield Extenders
 - 2x Adaptive Invulnerability Field
 - 1x EM Ward Amplifier
 - 1x Large Shield Booster
 - 1x 10mn Afterburner
 - 6x Heavy Missile Launcher
 - 1x Small Tractor Beam

 - 5,000x Scourge Heavy Missiles
 - 5,000x Scourge Precision Heavy Missiles (only for tech 2 fitting package)